The use of Medicine becomes the realization that i AM my Medicine.

Placing the responsibility inside my self and closely related to my life.




We Organise and guide A three day Medicine journey where we work with Masterplants from the Andean Amazonian regions. 


Our experience shows that most of the work is about opening the body and remembering its wisdom. During the whole weekend you will be given concrete tools of Body- and Breath-work to use. There will also be times to verbally integrate your proces.


The program in short:

Day1: We start with sharing our intentions for the weekend. Working with the medicine of Kambo and Rape to prepare and cleanse before the night with The Grandmother. Together we will build the sacred fire and the Sweatlodge for the next day. The Ceremony is held in the dark, lasts about 4-6 hours and is conducted through Icaros, Sacred Songs and Instruments.


Day 2: The second day we will have a Medicine walk in silence with The Andean Grandfather in nature. We finish the day in the Sweatlodge with Medicine.


Day 3 : The last day we will be used to physically integrate the Medicinework and a last sharing round.




The use of Plant medicine and Kambo, or the deep integrative work of family constellation can be wonderful tools. Using a tool means there is an interaction between tool and user: without the user the tool becomes useless. In our work we like to take things step by step and work from inside out, because we believe that what makes it more than just an experience is your attention and awareness of the process. This holistic approach with an eye for detail helps to bridge the experiences to a clear translation into daily life. We incorporate a lot of body and breath work because our experience shows that this process is mostly about opening the physical and emotional body,so it can remember its wisdom and recover the delicate balance so characteristic to life itself.


The use of Medicine becomes the realization that i AM my Medicine.

Placing the responsibility inside my self and closely related to my life.


Purification and Rebirthing Ceremony



The Sweatlodge is a traditional way to purify and cleanse the body on a physical and emotional level. It is a journey through the sacredness of Life and translates the continuous process of death and rebirth.


Mourning processes, initiations and birth rituals are examples of transitions where the Sweatlodge was incorporated to assist these life changing moments. A Sweat lodge ritual is a wonderfull way to get connected with the subconscious wisdom of the body because it goes back to the Source: the place where all creation begins , the womb of the Mother.

In four rounds this Ritual takes you through a deep understanding of the energy of Air , Water, Fire and Earth, inside your body and related to your life. Conducted through prayers and Sacred Songs.


A master plant diet is an opportunity to connect deeply with your self and the Spirit of the Healing Plants. 


During the two weeks of dieta you will be working with Ayahuasca Medicine in synergy with a specific Masterplant. This will be a 2 week period during which you will be on a light and simple food diet, in the solitude of a private cabin or "tambo", and restricted from other external influences such as social interaction and physical contact. During this time you will be taking the Masterplant into your body by drinking a tea or other extract daily or as instructed. There are many Masterplants and they all have specific energies. The plant you will diet will be diagnosed to you by the Maestras depending on what intentions you have for the process.


During the diet, there will be ceremonies with the Maestras every 3rd day, during which you will work with  the Medicine of Ayahuasca, receiving the Icaros of the plant you are dieting. This will help to create and sustain the connection you are making with your plant. 

You want to be as empty, open, and clear as possible to receive the healing and teachings of the plant spirits. So during the diet you will be in solitude, with the exception of the group ceremonies and daily check-ins with the Maestras, eating very simple food. You will be asked to tune in with your dreams, make plenty of space to simply BE and listen to the teachings of the Plants.

For questions and reservation send us a email: iammymedicine@gmail.com