If you could manifest your hearts desire , what would it be?


Working with constellations is a truly magnificent way to work with patterns that seem to repeat themselves and are not susceptible for change by using willpower or explanations. It shows the dynamics in between that what is and that what you would wish it to be, using the most concrete tool: the emotional and physical body. A constellation uses interactive resonance and shows the inner dynamics of the emotional world.


People working with this method discover that they carry within themselves hidden memories that influence their daily life. This method gives them the opportunity to unlock emotions that had been frozen and process them by giving them voice and feeling. Acknowledging life experiences from the truth of your soul can make an enormous difference.


The biggest obstacle that keeps people from giving words to that what they lived is the psychological mechanism to move away from pain. Certain memories are pushed aside because of a fear of being overpowered by intense feelings. In todays world the word trauma or wound is not so popular because there is a strong tendency to think positively and act in solutions. This can cause obstruction and helps the survival mechanisms of playing down and denying your own needs.


Healing the wounds starts with unmasking your survival strategies and recognizing in which way you compensate and deny pain. With this acknowledging you open the door again to your own heart.

Constellation work can help you to not unintentionally repeat the past, enables your head to drop into your heart and devellopes self-confidence and trust. Tap into the source of wisdom and love within yourself.

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