What is the difference in between an open circle and a private treatment? 
The open circle lasts usualy longer than a private treatment, due to the amount of people receiving medicine. The attention of the practitioner will be singular in a private treatment, and shared in a group circle, with the help of his or her assistants.In both you will be encouraged to work your own process, where we will be assisting you where needed. Targeted treatments are also possible in a group circle. If however you are aiming to work on a intense process emotionally or physically,or have special needs, it might be better to book a private treatment.

Do i need preparation time?
No, there is no Kambo diet like in working with other Sacred Medicines, however it is a good idea to mind your diet and work on your Intention before hand. Our guideline is to not eat meat or drink alcohol two days before and after, and leave recreational drugs alone for 5 days afterwards. Your stomach needs to be empty to be able to have the maximum benefit of the medicine. This means fasting from food for 8 hours before hand. After your treatment you can eat as normally. Yet your body might reveal different preferences.

How long does the treatment last?
Your personal work is usually done in about two to three hours, depending on the treatment. Group sessions usually take longer because we close the circle when all have had their Medicine.

Can i work the day after my treatment?
Yes, you can function on all levels as normally the day after wards.

Does a treatment cause scars?
Yes, usually after a week or so the gates that are burnt will be healed, and will leave a row of tiny dots on your skin. Depending on the amount of points / burns and the place, it is possible to make them into a nice pattern. People tend to like their scars because it reminds them of the process lived, they work as an anchor. Points in the ear scar less and heal different. If you wish to take Kambo but are not keen on the scars, ear points are a great option.

Is it safe?
Yes. Only the top layer of the skin will be blistered and taken of to put the Medicine on.

There is no blood.

Will i purge?
The majority of people will experience a strong purge during a session. The purge usually is coming as a vomit, but it can also be going to the toilet, an emotional release, or a combination of the three.

Is Kambo a poison?
No, what comes out is the accumulated toxins from the body, released by the medicine. They can be physical or emotional.

Does Kambo cause hallucinations?
No, kambo is not a visionary entheogenic medicine. However it can cause a spiritual sensation afterwards due to the strong cleanse and increased clarity.

Can I take Kambo during my period?
Yes, however because Kambo is a powerful vasodilator it can cause the flow to increase for 24-36 hours, or it may cause your period to start earlier than usual.

How often should I take Kambo?
Kambo is not taken more than 12-13 times a year. In exceptional cases and depending what the situation is, Kambo can be an intensified process.

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